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New Year, new change

Nothing is so stable as change, Bob Dylan once said.

&, this place has a special spot in my 🧡.

Stay tuned, will be blogging about the times I used to work at #starlinetours #hoponhopoff and the wildlife that went on in the strip when I was there. (Picture a petite girl looking like a flight attendant in front of the Chinese Theater)

The place where I learned to socialize out in the real world at 16, I’m now 31.

I look back and thank myself for skipping school to see Britney Spears star. Because that’s the day I was hired on the spot by the owners son.

The place where I realized celebrities are just regular people.

The place were I became materialistic and quickly learned that wealthy people don’t care, so I stopped trying to be ☝🏼.

The place were I was harassed by Spongebob, LOL. Thanks, to Christopher who was always the Superman on the strip will always come to my rescue. They were all like family, miss them.

The place where my Apple cellphone got stolen when I was transferred to manage the store.

So with this new year, please, start journaling, taking photos & start your legacy by telling your story.

Everyone has a story so… you must be the one to tell, you never know who you will inspire with your words.

#peace2021 #✌🏻

🌎🌍🌏Todo el mundo tiene una historia, así que ... debes ser tú quien la cuente, nunca se sabe a quién inspirarás con tus palabras.

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